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About The Artist

The originator of the boldest and most prolific portfolio of Sarah Kay work was the artist Vivien Kubbos. We have had the pleasure of meeting Mrs Kubbos, and celebrating her 70th birthday in Sydney, Australia.

Back in the early 1970′s Vivien Kubbos was a freelance illustrator who, whilst raising her family, began creating Sarah Kay Collections for Valentines Sands Greeting Cards.

Vivien worked from her home in the harbour side suburb of Greenwich in Sydney. Greenwich is a wonderful pocket of bushland on Sydney Harbour and has considerable wildlife including blue tongue lizards, rosellas and possums. Mrs Kubbos had only to look out her window to find inspiration in natural beauty.

The free spirit that we know as Sarah Kay was born. ʻSarahʼ was Mrs Kubbosʼ father’s pet name for her and ʻKayʼ was added as a piece of herself (K being for Kubbos).

Today, Mrs Kubbos is retired and continues to express herself creatively, mostly through the medium of painting.